Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You....

The overwhelming response from the number of hits on my blog has been very encouraging as a result from an article on my passion for photography published in The Star dated 20th April 2009

I would like to thank the Star for providing me the opportunity and avenue in expressing my hobby and sharing my passion. To Ms Pek Yee and Boon Tatt- thank you for your patience and time to interview me and to the feature that was done.

To All those who have surfed my blog, terima kasih and your comments have given me such encouragement and motivation that I will continue to pursue this new found interest with greater  enthusiasm.

In the past while holding public office and engaging myself actively in politics, I do not know how to appreciate nature, and more so looking at the landscaping of what God has created. The many holiday trips were planned more for getting away from the hustle and bustle of life as a public figure.

With the time on my side, I can now doing things that I love to do. Reading and catching up with old acquaintances, and indulging myself with photography have truly enriched my life. Appreciating nature is such a beautiful experience and with the new network of friends of the same interest has given me a new dimension in my lifestyle.

With this blog of mine, I hope to share the images that I have taken on my shooting trips. A picture speaks a thousand words and the angle taken is also an expression through the lenses.

As an amateur in photography, your comments are valuable to me as it will take me to a higher level as I walk through this journey of my new love.



CheaHS@n said...

Hi Datuk Hon
Phew! I may not understand Chinese but the pictures alone have spoken more than a thousand words. Great work, so nice of you to include English in your latest post. Thanks for sharing and also thanks to Justin for the link.

elize said...


Mei Teng said...

You're welcomed. Your work's like a professional already! :)

esCAPE II said...

Great job, Datuk. I am following your foot steps to pick up dSLR photography the last 2 years to prepare for my eventual retirement in a few years time. I like your work. I am a Canon user too and this is my blog:


Your c&c are most welcome for improvement.

Hope one day we could go shooting together. Cheers

James Chow

春天 said...

Thanks for sharing your art works.

Will visit your blog frequently. Don't mind me to save some of your works for personal use ?

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

hi Datuk, such a great talent u have there...how many lense normally you bring along during travelling. picture are PERFECT and pure beauty!

Desmond said...


I think your photos were beautiful.
I just could not stop thinking the beautiful nature being created by God.
For me, you're professional photographer.

All the best.

CHEECHIANG 志强 said...

Thanks for the amazing photos, Datuk.

Well done!

hammohd said...

well you are a not normal photographer dato'.. you have a nice color of editing and its remind me to Manny Librodo .. very nice one dato' in future I wish that you can share it in english too ..he..he

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato' Hon,

Your photos took my breath away... so hauntingly beautiful are these photos that they seem 'too picture perfect'.

Thank you!


Bloggerooi said...

Dear Datuk Hon,

Amateur? I thought your photography is excellent and already a professional level.Still climbing up to the hill at Bkt Kepayang? I saw you there quite some time back when you just stepped down from politic. Take care and best wishes.

Ooi S W

YEE said...

Your pics are really breathtaking! Hope to see more in the future...

灵通 said...

aiyaya uncle how come this time no pic for us hehe ,,,

alvin said...

YB Dato' Hon,
TQVM for all the amazing and wonderful photos. They are indeed breathtaking and so excellent scenery. I hope Dato can keep up this hobby and share with the world.I enjoy seeing almost all the photos though I haven't been to there. Once again TQVM
Alvin Cho
Tmn Sban Jaya.

C K Hon said...

To all my dear friends and follow bloggers, thank you for all the good words and encouragement.

Alvin, if you are keen to join Photography Society NS as member. please contact Mr. Wong 012-6080496,

Devi, i usually carry in my camera beg 24mm-105mm f4 and 70mm-200mm f 2.8 lenses, 15mm fisheye, 50mm f1.4 canon lenses,

春天-I am ok if saved for personal uses only

Thank you

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

wah..that a heavy load there...but really nice landscape...such an inspiration

Anonymous said...

Hi datuk,

Your photos are great inspiration for me to pick up photography...could you share how to begin? do I necessary to enrol into any proper courses to produce mater pieces like you did ?


Jimmy said...


Anonymous said...

TQVM for sending me the contact number of NS phtography society.