Tuesday, March 18, 2008



春天 said...


Philip said...

Good day Datuk Hon,

I'm Philip Ong (Division Manager - Imaging, Shriro). I saw your pictures last year through a friend from Sitiawan who has a book of the compilation of pictures from members of the NS Photo Society.

Yesterday's The Star write up had very impressive pictures as well.

I am wondering if we could meet up and conduct some workshops together or to even collaborate in ways that would help the photographic industry.

Appreciate your reply. Thank you.

E: philip_ong@shriro.com.my
M: 016 205 2717

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Hon,

I would love to visit China to the place where you had taken photos featured in The Star. May I know which place you visited esp. the village scene and countryside scene.

It was such an impressive pictures that I would like my parents to go too.

Thank you.

E: eileentan74@yahoo.co.uk

C K Hon said...

eileentan-this place called 绵谭,金沙滩 in 安徽 province where the famous Huang Shan 黄山 is located. This is not the common tourist spot. Best time to visit is between end March to beginning of April when you can find an endless stretch of yellow rapeseed flowers.