Friday, April 1, 2022

 Kelvin had just graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering from UPM last month after spending 3 years at Bintulu’s campus and another 3 years at the main campus in Serdang.


Kelvin was overcome with joy together with two other graduates at the main campus of UPM in Serdang last month. Kelvin is a Penan from Long Maraan, the Baram District of Sarawak. I first met him when he was a Form 1 student in a secondary school in Marudi.


The other two are Kenyah and Lun Bawang, respectively from Belaga and Ba Kelalan.


I am happy for them and know that it was not easy for them to obtain their degrees. My best wishes to them.


Kelvin 终于大学毕业了。我在UPM大学现场分享他和另两位同学的喜悦。他们来自砂拉越内陆山区。Kelvin是本南族,家Long Maraan,其他两位是Kenyah Lun Bawang族人,分别来自Belaga  Ba Kelalan