Friday, January 27, 2012

The Land of Thousand Temples 万佛之国





If you are going to Myanmar for a photography excursion, remember to bring along enough memory cards or external hard disks, as there are endless subjects for your camera. Just to mention a few: the beautiful ancient temples, the monasteries, the daily life of monks, the fishermen who paddle fishing boats with one leg in Inle lake etc.

Villagers in Bagan and Mandalay still used bullock to ferry firewood, fetch water from communal well, bathed and wished cloths in nearby stream. This was quite similar to what it used to be back in the 50’s in my village. Life is tough here, but the Burmese took life easy and appeared happy and contented.

I must express my thanks to Mr. Lim from Bentong who organized the excursion and all the wonderful members and our local guide who help made the trip successful and memorable.