Tuesday, September 15, 2009

远离尘嚣的肯逸湖 Kenyir Lake

整个小岛包括旅客都不上20人,这里没有城市一般的设备,手机也无用武之地,我们就像到了一个与世隔绝的原始部落。 这就是登加楼州肯逸湖Musang度假村的情况, 少一份喧哗,多一份宁静。





We spent two nights in Musang Kenyir Resort last month. This resort is located in the northern part of Kenyir Lake. Though the resort is not really far away from Kuala Berang in Terengganu, it looks as if we were staying in a very remote village without electricity supply and out of reach from all types of telecommunication systems! It is really ‘back to nature’ as stated in the web site of the resort.

Kenyir Lake was created in 1985. This is the biggest man made lake in South-East-Asia. Judging from the small number of tourists who visited this area, it cannot be considered as a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. Besides fishing, camping and mountain trekking, there are not many other activities here to attract visitors.

This is my first visit to Kenyir Lake, with the intention of taking landscape photographs. I was not disappointed as I enjoyed the peaceful environment and the spectacular scenery. The water is crystal clear, the tree stumps, the hills, the sky and their reflection in the water create an awesome natural landscape painting.

At night, we had a strange visitor, an elephant came right up to our door step. It turned out to be a friendly one!