Saturday, April 6, 2013

上学去 Penan Kids Going to School

大卫是一位龄约7的本南小孩,住在内陆Baram 的森林里。每天上学他必须赤脚步行约2公里的泥泞小径和过条小河。他和另两名小孩在一位妇女陪同下,8时才到来这所唯一的小学,其他同学已上课了。



David is a Penan boy aged 7, who live in the interior of the Baram district in Sarawak. He walked barefooted for about 2 km on a muddy path and across a river to the only primary school in the vicinity.

Upon arrival, the staff in the school washed his feet, changed him with clean school uniform before ushered him to the classroom. I was touched to see this. It is no easy to serve in the rural schools!