Sunday, October 11, 2009

感受婆罗洲 Sabah-the photographers’ paradise

Home for my family

Silver Leaf Monkey


Black and Yellow Broadbill


风光摄影不说,如果你爱好拍摄鸟类,这里就有超过600多种本土和季候鸟。上月我和数位沙州摄鸟高手到山打根的Sukau拍摄,我们下榻 Bilit Rainforest Lodge,度假村环境优美,设备齐全,在这偏远的地方,能有如此舒适的住所确是不错。度假村河的两岸就是一个观鸟的好地方。可惜我最长的镜头才400米,拍不到鸟,不过若在船上拍摄,却比我朋友的600米来的生动和灵活。

从亚庇到山打根途中,我们停在Labuk Bay Proboscis Sanctuary看长鼻猴。我们特赶在喂食时间抵达,大部分长鼻猴将在喂食台等待,也是我们拍摄它们的好时机。只见它们十多只一组,每组都有一只较大的长鼻猴为首领。 据管理人说:它们的社会组织好像人类般,有著家庭的模式,每一组就是一个家庭。


我要感谢Winston Tai, Simon Yeo, Dato’Yap, CH Chia, TS Wong和沙巴及山打根摄影学会的朋友。他们都是摄影高手,认识他们令我获益匪浅。

Sabah is the photographers’ paradise. It has many beautiful islands and a number of national parks. Sabah is also renowned for its remarkable flora and fauna. It is also a favourite place for bird- watching as there are over 600 resident and migratory birds found in this area.

Besides bird-watching, proboscis monkey is another attraction for tourists and photographers. Labuk Bay Proboscis Sanctuary in Sandakan is a home for a large number of proboscises. We went there during feeding time; they came out in a group of family, 200 mm lens should be long enough to get them close in our viewfinder.

For bird shooting, Sukau is one of the local photographer’s favourite. We stayed one night in Sukau in Bilit Rainforest Lodge. The lodge is located at the side of the Kinabatangan River. I like the atmosphere here as the lodge was clean and our stay was comfortable.

The boatman took us for bird shooting along the river. We were lucky as we saw quite a number of beautiful birds. The longest zoom lens I got is 100-400 mm, which is not long enough for the purpose.

My trip ended in Semporna. It was my 3rd visit here within a year. My intention of course is to visit the sea gypsies. The weather was not very friendly with hazy sky and poor sunlight but this did not dampen my spirits.

I got acquainted with friends from The Photography Society of Sabah and The Photography Society of Sandakan. They are very helpful and I thank their hospitality.