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收到他的好消息后,令我想起另一位本南学生瓦蒂,她和开尔文来自同个村庄,也是我一直帮助的学生,去年5月在师训学院毕业。我马上发了一则短信给她,问她教育局是否已有了安排。不久获得回音,说她今天正在州教育局报到,被派到离家数十公里的Lg Bedian国小执教。




Received two good news today. One from Kelvin, the Penan student who graduated from UPM with an Agriculture Engineering Degree. He told me that he already got a job in Miri as Agronomist in a private company.


Another good news was from Wasty, another Penan student from the same village as Kelvin. She graduated from The Teacher Training College in Kuching last year, she told me that she just reported to the Education Department Sarawak today and was posted to a primary school in Lg Bedian, a small town not far away from her village.  


I met these two students way back in 2010, my very first trip to Lg Seridan. They just finished std 6, and are about to enroll in a secondary school in Marudi, about 270 KM from their home. They were facing transport and financial problems. Together with a few friends from Miri, we later helped to pay for the transport for them. We also gave them some pocket money during their stay in Marudi. 


I am glad that these two students can make it to tertiary education, and hope that as a teacher, Wasty can guide and help other students to excel and for Kelvin with scientific agricultural knowledge can help the Penan to explore the agricultural fields so as not to solely depending on hunting and gathering!   

2/9/2018 Kelvin report to UPM