Tuesday, May 31, 2011

告别黑暗 At Last, there is Light

Ba Puak 本南长屋居民终于告别黑暗。

Ulu Baram 内陆地区的 Ba Puak 有约20户本南人,多年前从森林迁到此,一直住在非常简陋的破屋,过着原始的生活。最近才获得非政府组织盖了两座长屋,勉强有了家。





About 20 Penan families settled down in Ba Puak in Ulu Baram district some years ago. Initially they stayed in a small huts barely enough for shelter. Until recently they moved into long houses built by NGO but without water and electricity supplies.

The Penans can get the water supply from a river nearby, but at night it is complete darkness.

My friend Tan managed to get 2 electricity generators from a company, one unit was sent here. The Penans were so eager to see light in their long houses that they want us to fix it on the same day when we arrived.

None of us have much knowledge about electricity and wiring works, but we managed to fix it.

At last, there is electric light in the long house!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

紫气东来 Celestial Light



昔日的渔村房子多以木板建造,今天已改用土砖和洋灰, 村民把整间屋子扛起来,搬迁到另个地点的情景已成为历史。渔船也已现代化,多采用玻璃纤维制造,作业方式也变了。在关丹海村,以前渔船归航时,是用牛只把船拉上岸,自改用玻璃纤维渔船后,渔船较轻,不需牛大哥帮忙,只好下岗去了。

道北Sri Tujuh是拍摄日出的最佳地点,但是否能看到太阳公公和好天气,就要看运气了。我来过这里数趟,数上星期的日出最美,确实不虚此行。


Have you ever seen a house being literally carried and shifted by villagers? Or buffaloes were used to pull fishing boat ashore?

In fact, these scenes were quite common in the east coast of Malaysia not too long ago, but now we can only find them in old photographs. Economic development has bought a lot of changes to these areas. The wooden houses were replaced with concrete structures and the fishing boats were made with fiberglass that is lighter. Undoubtedly, it has lost its charms in the eyes of many photographers.

But the east coast is still my favorite, the scenic seaside and the fishing villages still fascinates me. I was in Pantai Sri Tujuh, Tumpat Kelantan and Pantai Pandak in Terengganu last week, the weather was good, and when the sun rises, the sea was bathed in celestial amber sunlight. The scenery was surreal and so beautiful that I thought I could only find them in my dreams.