Tuesday, May 18, 2010

看海去 By the Sea






A Japanese photographer, who spends most of his time by the sea, recently published a book entitled Sea In My Eye. He has successfully captured the beauty of the sea, the waves, the colors, and light and shadow of the ocean.

In fact, not every body has the chance to get near the sea. An elderly photographer who lives in Yun Nan all his life, only made his first encounter in Port Dickson when he visited Malaysia recently.

I live not far away from Port Dickson; ironically I seldom go to the beach. I started to frequent this place only in recent years. I also made a few trips to the seaside of East Coast of the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.

Last month, I visited Kelantan again. I like the beach there as it is relatively quiet and people there are very friendly. It is an ideal place to watch sun rise. The color of the sky and it’s reflection in the water coupled with fishing boats braving the waves for fishing constituted an awesome scenery which I always fail to capture its true beauty with my lenses.