Tuesday, May 31, 2011

告别黑暗 At Last, there is Light

Ba Puak 本南长屋居民终于告别黑暗。

Ulu Baram 内陆地区的 Ba Puak 有约20户本南人,多年前从森林迁到此,一直住在非常简陋的破屋,过着原始的生活。最近才获得非政府组织盖了两座长屋,勉强有了家。





About 20 Penan families settled down in Ba Puak in Ulu Baram district some years ago. Initially they stayed in a small huts barely enough for shelter. Until recently they moved into long houses built by NGO but without water and electricity supplies.

The Penans can get the water supply from a river nearby, but at night it is complete darkness.

My friend Tan managed to get 2 electricity generators from a company, one unit was sent here. The Penans were so eager to see light in their long houses that they want us to fix it on the same day when we arrived.

None of us have much knowledge about electricity and wiring works, but we managed to fix it.

At last, there is electric light in the long house!


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Bananazஇ said...

Great work! Let there be light.

C K Hon said...

Thank you to all of you. They need helps, will visit them again soon to see what we can do for them..