Wednesday, November 6, 2013

敢问路在何方?The Long and Winding Road





In Chinese language, there are many words or phrases associated with ROAD. Among the most common one are: road is made by human footsteps, there is always a road (way) for those who are optimistic, the strength of the horse is measured after a long and winding road etc. Some of the phrases are negative like: no road, death road etc!

But road connect people, like it or not, road is also a prerequisite for economic development as you can see what have happened in China.

For me, good landscape pictures are always found in the end of a long and winding road, at least this is the experience during my recent shooting trip in Tibet-Ali.

Similarly, the success and happiness in life are normally found after a long and precipitous winding road.


Terri Lee said...

Dato Hon, these are gorgeous photos.Can't wait to receive your book thru the post.

C K Hon said...

Terri Lee, thank you very much for your kind support and encouragement. Will send out the book tomorrow. Hope to hear from you again.

Terri Lee said...

Dato Hon, received your book yesterday, thank you. Truly spectacular views of China captured thru your lens. I especially like the photos on Yuanyang terraced rice fields- wah, just amazing! One cannot help but marvel at nature's wondrous creations.

C K Hon said...

Terri Lee, thank you very much. I am very happy that you like the book. You are right, Yuanyang terraced rice fields are just amazing, I had been there 4 times and I am going there again next month. Will share some with you if I am lucky to get some good shots. Cheers..

Terri Lee said...

Dato Hon, wishing you an enjoyable trip. I look forward to seeing the photos.