Sunday, October 2, 2022



往砂州内陆Belaga途中,经过一个简陋的水果摊,上面有凤梨、香蕉、柑和一些蔬菜,每样都有标价,却没有人看守。摊位上挂着透明塑料小罐,有的则用小木箱。顾客拿了水果,把钱投入小罐或木箱,买卖就成交了。内陆地区,已有Cash and Carry的买卖模式,比城市还先进了!


On the way to Belaga, the interior of Sarawak, we came across a small and makeshift stall, selling pineapples, bananas, oranges, and vegetables, with prices written on it. We saw no sellers but a few used plastic bottles for us to put in the payments. What a fantastic “Cash and Carry” experience in this remote area!  

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